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Dear parents,

Well this half term is nearly over! We finish on weds 31st March so this is our last FULL week of preschool before the Easter break.

We are going to continue following the children’s interests and explore our healthy eating, measuring, growing themes with some really fun Easter activities thrown in too. We had so much fun measuring each other and objects last week. It really helped introduce some wonderful mathematical language to our play.

Our Monday children are loving Playball and it is so lovely to see them outside having such a great time and developing their physical skills.

After Easter we have some really exciting things planned. One of them being the ‘living eggs project’

This means that Monday 19th April we have 10 eggs arriving here at preschool in an incubator and we will be able to watch them hatch and grow before they are re-homed, to lovely free range homes. However if you have been considering getting chickens or would like to add to your brood then they can be homed via us as well. Please ask if you would like more information. We can’t wait for this hands on experience and we know the children will be just as excited as we are!

We will also be watching tadpoles turn into frogs and caterpillars change to butterflies so we will be very busy indeed.

Thank you again for your donations. We are very low on sterilising liquid or tablets and raisins/rice cakes if anybody would like to help.

Please let us know if there is anything you need or would like to discuss about your child’s needs/interests.

Have a great week!

Leanne and team

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