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End of Term and Party!

Well here we are heading into our last FULL week of term! Our last day is Tues 20th July at 3pm (4pm for those booked in).

Our September return date is not yet confirmed but it looks likely to be Monday 6th sept. I will confirm this ASAP.

Monday 19th is our graduation ceremony for our school leavers. Tissues at the ready!

Parents of these children are invited to join us from 2pm for a celebration of their child’s time with us. Initially we asked for just one family member to join us due to the 30 rule, but should restrictions lift as planned on that date we will be able to welcome both parents. Watch this space!


On Tuesday 20th we are going to have an end of term party. ALL children are welcome and for those who are not in that day parents can drop them at 10.45 and collect at 12.45. If your child usually goes home at 12, they can be collected at 12.45 when the party ends. We will be putting a list of party food up on the door this week for you to sign up to please, so no lunch box needed that day.

This will be a really nice end to a busy term!

This week we will be doing some more fun summer activities and following the children’s interests. They are the best ones to show us what they would like to learn and teachable moments pop up all over the place through play.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday and of course the big match! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

See you all tomorrow 😀

Leanne and team

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