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This week we are going to be reading “little sunflower“ and then we will plant our own sunflowers. We will keep them here at preschool for a couple of weeks and watch them grow. Who’s sunflower will be the tallest? 

Important dates 

Don’t forget we have so much coming up at preschool. 

Festivities - 29th May

Car boot sale - 4th June 

Father’s Day breakfast - 17th June 

Summer club - W/C 7th and 14th august. If you would like anymore info on any of these events please let us know. 

Inset day

We have an inset day here at preschool on Monday 5th June. We follow the school calendar so we are still open 38 weeks of the year for funding. The last day of this term is Friday 26th May.

Focus weeks

Please don’t forget we are always available to discuss your child’s progress with you at any time. We really appreciate you returning your focus week forms so we can answer any questions you may have.

Have a great week!

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