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Toddle Waddle

Well here we are, another week into the term already. Time flies when you are having fun!

Thank you so much to everybody who took part in our fundraising toddle waddle today. We will let you know how much was raised as soon as we can. Thank you so much to Tamsin and our committee for organising this and to you all for giving up some time on your weekend.

The children loved their cookery week last week. Having sampled the goods myself I can confirm that my favourite of the week was Isabels cheese straws. That means she will have to make them again very soon!

With “big school” fast approaching we would just like to remind you that we offer a drop off/collection of the children to school in September to help you with the transition to school. We can collect them at the time they finish and take care of them until you collect at 3/4pm. We have found in the past that this helps not only with managing work/other commitments, but also the transition to school doesn’t feel quite so scary when you get to pop back in to preschool.

Please let us know if we can help at all. This year the transition process doesn’t look quite so long but we are still here should you need us. We have a few teachers visiting the setting in the next couple of weeks which is always lovely.

This week we will be focusing on summer fun! Despite the lack of sunshine we will be doing some lovely summery things like making flags for our sandcastles, talking about holidays, ways to travel there and what we need to stay safe in the sunshine. We hope to get our pool out again before the end of term, fingers crossed!

Don’t forget if you would like to meet you your child’s key person for a chat at any time please let us know and we will happily organise that for you. The children are all super happy and love being at preschool, as do we!

Our last day of term is tues 20th at 3pm(4pm for those booked in)

Enjoy the rest of Sunday and have a fab week.

Leanne and team

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